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just some really random idea nikki and i came up with for a fic.

the entire conversation from skype )


Apr. 12th, 2013 09:48 pm
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in which i actually make a post. say whaaaaaaat? )

not much else going on in my life. still trying to write fics and shit. basically avoiding my 9k fujikita porn stars au as usual.

i signed up for [ profile] je_devilorangel with cortney :3 and i'm excited since i haven't done that since i did it with maryam 2 years ago. there's still time to sign up so get on that ladies! (and you know if anyone else wants to team up with me~)

shit i need to do this weekend:
-start fic2 (i don't think that's happening tbh)
-finish porn starts au
-watch more supernatural
-do comp paper
-redo my journal enties for comp (tho i'd rather not)
-study katakana so i can retake that fucking tests
-finish any other fics i have to finish

my ear fucking hurts because of my pericing, but idk if it's been a month yet D: oh well i'll wait to change it. i'm done now~
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Team card

Nov. 18th, 2012 07:25 pm
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Mar. 28th, 2012 12:12 pm
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i woke up this morning with a headache right behind my eyes efjbsfhd is was horrible, but what's worse is that it's back now because they are so LOUD in ap euro
i feel like i'm in a regular class and not ap. i kind of want to sleep because it's too hard to think and not get annoyed, i also want food /so hungry

glowing glowing it's heaven~ )
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since i missed an entire week of school last month i had a lot of homework to catch up on, which is bad when you don't do your homework int he first place and have a bunch of that to do. it was all AP homework really since, for once in my life, i have 100% on homework in math. i don't understand it either, i'm still failing though so my excitement is negative 5. i am actually more or less caught up now, though i'm wracking my brain on some things as well. i still have to do
  • cooking assignment
  • reading log
  • ap euro paper
  • business management test
  • 2 math homework assignments
and then i just have a few assignments that i need to do that are due soon. but frankly i can't think i have that much to do, i'll probably so all that other stuff this weekend, the list was longer though.

i feel like everything is just ganging up at once now. it's almost the end of 3rd marking period and we only have one left and suddenly EVERYTHING IS COMING UP. and i want to do it all, but at the same time none of it, you know? one because of money and lack of interest in it and the other is lack of ride. i have a trip coming up next month though to new york, which regardless of things i will not get into i'm still really excited. but along with that, i have to order my senior hoodie asap since it's the last order. i haven't figured out what name i'm getting on the back though. my dad wants NOLAN, his last name, but my mom said to get my last name initials B.N then she said to get my first name fully. kristin said to get ma-chan, which is cute, but my mom probably might yell at me, same with sammy. WHAT IF I PUT SHIGE AND CALL IT A DAY? :D idk

it seems like all the fic exchanges come up at once. i'm doing [ profile] mini_ryo fic exchange, but then sign ups for [ profile] je_otherworlds just came out along with [ profile] k8_exchange and i want to do both, but i don't think i can with school this year so i'm debating it, because i'm sure as hell going to to [ profile] newsficcon  when it comes out. i don't know what to do~
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i love share. it's so...warm. that's a terrible way to describe it.

so, i go on christmas break this week, finally. can't wait. i never did a project for my business class. i sort of just don't care. i'll have a take home test to do for Euro over the break, but that means i can use my text book so i'm okay with that. there is a unit test for inter. math concepts tomorrow and my teacher said we can have cheat sheets, except....his rules for them suck ass okay. so....imma actually cheat problem. 

i've been making these for the past two days, now i have over 100 made for two jars as Christmas gifts :3 i need to make two more though .-. i need more colorful paper.

just only stars~ just only star~ blinking always breathe in us )
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it really is, i've been bored all day...well since i got up
amanda and i had a conversation about the stupidity of a pint of milk today though, that was fun. pints of milk are dumb though. seriously.

so i've been thinking of making a wishlist since maryam posted hers and i finally know some things i want
there are things i wish for )

i might add more to that, but probably not. time to go work on my own fics.
also, recently i started a tumblr dedicated to JE senpais and if you guys has any suggestions for songs/mv for me to post that'd be nice :3 anyone who debuted before arashi.
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stole this from maryam~
three )

i haven't actually posted in a very long time for reasons being...i'm lazy. i was thinking about doing it back when everyone was giving fandom opinions but i ended up not doing it.

in fandom related things...

i watched K8's new pvs yesterday. ryo really needs to stop tanning. it looks terrible, there just isn't any better way to put it. i really liked them though, the pvs i mean. though, i can't understand why ryo and tacchon were on the ceiling... you're not fixtures in the apartment, get down from there.

i still haven't listened to seunggi's new album, or kinki kids. i've downloaded them and moved them to their respective folders and that's about it. i have though started watching torchwood and i just finished casanova today. it was so~ good.

due to my extreme laziness i'm thinking about reading the hunger games again for my english class, just because i haven't found anything else to catch my eye, plus it's a good series and i can get through it in no time. on the other hand, i've had the time traveler's wife out of my school's library since september. it staretd because i wanted to read it and i needed a book for two of my classes then i finished it and decided to write a fic and i also needed to do an english project. now...i'm just waiting for my film & lit class to figure out it's stand point man. i've renewed it three times already and it's due again this week. i feel stupid for taking this book back so many weeks in a row, i just don't want to return it and then need it for class.

in other i guess news i'm working on three different fics now, which is good. mostly. as long as i can get my but into gear. one is off the time traveling concept so it's a bit hard. another is with maryam, one of our left over ideas from this year's DoA last...spring? summer? idk. and another is something i got while watching blackpool the other night.

i need more little mead notebooks. christmas presents? :Db
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and mentally, just a bit. i forget what i actually said but it's the basic thing. i've known it for a while, i just never said anything.

i haven't posted in a while, on my main journal, still posting fics though :3

recently, i've been thinking of writing a dark fic, or a atempted scary fic or something. basically all the things i suck at. of course you'll get your romtic and comedic parts because it's me you can't expect me not to. really. but yeah, i've been thinking about it. i've got a few things in my head so far.
  • matsumiya
that's about it. lol well now, i have more. maybe like...idk. i need someone to talk it over with me to help get my ideas out. i really want to do it, lately writing has been helping keeping me sane, plus it's a good idea to try my hand at the thigns i suck. like chapter fics. the key, i think, is to write it all, then post it, lol. you'd think by now i'd have figured that out. evidently it took longer than expected.

it's be nice if someone would like to help me. i'd like it but don't feel like you have to, you don't have to. xP


May. 4th, 2011 11:46 pm
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so i should be doing homework right now but i'm not.

theres been a situation with my laptop, and long story short it's not in working mode right now. fuck me. but on the bright side i'm getting my new one 2 months early =o yay~ i'm currently using my twin's sister's old laptop so well see how this goes. just having a hard time typing is all... this is great when you have two fic exchanges to be working on. 
i'm babbling, i'll go do my homework

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